Brow Rehab

What is Brow Rehab? Brow rehab® is a Miami based, high-end eyebrow rehabilitation salon that specializes in custom color correction, brow styling, threading and brow rehabilitation. Brow Rehab® also specializes in development and global distribution of revolutionary and innovative eyebrow styling cosmetics. If you are a salon owner and if you are interested in retailing Brow Rehab® Products such as Spraybrow™, please contact us through our message page.

Brow Rehab® as a service is a commitment of approximately 3-8 months. Clients are scheduled once every 3-4 weeks until their eyebrows  rehabilitate. Some brows need  a month while  other brows  need more than a year. Please understand that we cannot deliver your “Dream Brow” in one visit. Brow Rehab does require a bit of patience and trust. Please look at the BROW REHAB portfolio page so you get an idea of what we do and decide if Brow Rehab is for you. Note that if you’re using skin care products with RETINOIDS you cannot wax your brows. ALWAYS NOTIFY YOUR BROW TECH if you’re using RETINOIDS, ACIDS  or if you have had  laser treatments before your service!

Brow Rehab is for everyone. If you only need a one-time brow sculpt, choose from the following services:

EYEBROW THREADING – great for those  who use Retinoids or for those with sensitive skin.

EYEBROW WAXING – for those who prefer a sharp, high-definition brow.

EYEBROW TWEEZING – for those who can’t tolerate threading or waxing.  

EYEBROW TRIM – great way to keep your brows in shape  in-between appts.

CUSTOM COLOR CORRECTION or EYEBROW TINT/BLEACH – Natalia’s favorite. Eyebrow tint is a quick and practical way to refresh the color of your brows. Brow rehab offers several brow tint hues which are always customized for each client.  Brows look natural,  fuller and more balanced after tinting.

EYELASH TINT – a practical eyelash dye which yields darker lashes for approximately one month. Every busy mom should try it. 


BROW REHAB brows start at $36

Brow Rehab ®